Hair and beauty represent a powerful and yet an important part of the black female identity. After working closely with beauty brands, make-up artist, hair stylist and other creative talents within the beauty industry, Inès and Flora Tahi-Ezan felt the need to bring a breakthrough offer accessible and qualitative to their black sisters. Two female entrepreneurs that understand the needs and the struggle to find the right product in the ever-changing market that is Beauty. This is their story.

Inès: I was working for a French leading advertising agency in Paris. Working with clients from the beauty industry featuring campaign all around the globe. I found myself more and more frustrated about some of the brands’ approach when it comes to women of color. So, I decided to launch my blog The African Factory and share my point of view.

The success and the positive feedback that I received on the blog gave me the little boost of confidence that I needed to launch the brand, but I needed a strong partner by my side, who shared the same vision and was ready to get on board. I believe that, as an African-European woman working closely with so many talents my mission is to help to redefine the standards of black beauty. I am ready to get in formation.

Flora: I am from a generation where we’ve been thought entrepreneurship since high school. I grew up with social media and the internet has always been part of my media consumption. I probably knew from university that I’ll build my own business at some point.

When my sister came up with the idea of opening a lash bar in Abidjan, I immediately thought about a business model that could work and be sustainable with a new generation of consumers.

I strongly believe in the power of digital and I wanted to make AF LASHES an exclusive e-boutique that is as much as efficient than any other shop out there. We hope that all women will connect with this brand because it has been designed and made for them.